Anticollision Spain is a young start-up, founded by the end of 2018, commercializing Patrol 4.0 a built-in system for tower cranes, its sole product by now. Patrol 4.0 is a modular system specifically designed and developed according to tower crane requirements. Patrol 4.0 is the result of a long career filled with passion and expertise about tower cranes of its founder, Gian Paolo Storoni.

Since 2004 Gian Paolo Storoni has worked as an electric and electronic technician for Sáez Cranes, a Spanish crane manufacturer company leader in its sector. Gian Paolo has been involved in the development of the electric components of cranes at Sáez and has also been providing technical services on site for clients all over the world.

Alongside with an international team of experts in tower cranes, Gian Paolo has developed this unique product in its field owing to its flexibility and safety. Patrol 4.0 is an original product as a result of several developments merged in a built-in system.

Anticollision Spain


Aula de formación

Specific training courses are available at our facilities in Murcia to get acquainted with the installation and calibration of the system. A certification will be awarded for the participants who prove to have qualified with Patrol 4.0 system.
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