Universal system

Patrol 4.0 system can be installed in every single crane with minor adjustments. The client can choose which functions are activated in the system.

Crane status function

Anticollision Spain

Zoning and anticollision management

Zoning management

The zoning system allows to define restricted areas wherever the hook cannot pass by. The system can handle up to 20 points in memory. Those points can be managed singly and also used for drawing polygons (areas)

Anticollision management

The anticollision system uses bidirectional radio signals to monitors the position and status of the cranes involved to avoid any chance of colliding between them. Patrol 4.0 system let the cranes move inside its working area at an optimal speed and distance always avoiding collisions, thus improving the productivity and safety at the construction site. The system can monitor simultaneously at most 9 cranes. The calibration of the system can be done from the ground, by means of original Anticollision Spain app for tablets and smart phones.

Anticollision Spain

Historical data

Patrol 4.0 system keeps a record of any crane operation:

Patrol 4.0 system can also be used as a tool for preventive maintenance.

Activating anticollision function in Patrol 4.0, the system can also register:

By-pass function activation for anticollision and forbidden zones

There are some interesting actions that can be done with the complete record of historical data stored by Patrol 4.0. It can be downloaded from the display, it can be checked through  Anticollision Spain app, it can be programmed to send automatic notification with configured alerts by email or SMS.

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Crane safety measures enhancements by Patrol 4.0

Patrol 4.0 system can be a really useful and flexible safety enhancement to the crane where it is installed: Thanks to its accurate dual channel sensors controlled by safety certified modules, Patrol 4.0 is an interesting item to enhance the safety of outdated cranes. The system provides control over the movement along the axis of the trolley and the hoisting: On the hoisting axis can be used as an overspeed control. Control over the opening/closing of the hoisting brake can also be implemented on demand. It can also be used to control overload and maximum momentum. Patrol 4.0 fully replaces outdated limit switches installed on the 3 movement of the cranes: slewing, trolley and hoisting. Therefore, outdated cranes with obsolete systems will become modern cranes, with electronic limit control by means of state-of-the-art encoders, monitored by our own app for tablets and smartphones.