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Anticollision Spain is pleased to present the new built-in system “Patrol 4.0” for tower cranes. Patrol 4.0 is the first system suitable for every tower crane model that improves control and security.

Patrol 4.0 is a multipurpose system; its versatility allows to perfectly fit to customer needs:

The system can be used to inform about the status of the crane to the operator by means of the HMI at the cabin or the remote control. It can be used as a control and management system for zoning and anticollision (up to 9 simultaneous cranes).

It keeps a record of the operations, alarms, sensor failures, anticollision interventions, etc. It can also be used as a safety system to control the maximum load capacity, all limit switches available for the movements of the crane, hoisting overspeed, safe control of the hoisting brake, etc.

Customer has a remote connection directly to the system by means of a safe app for tablets and smart phones which allows to monitor al data from the system thus the whole crane. This connection could also be used as a remote terminal for the technician responsible through the erection and calibration of the crane. Furthermore, this very system can send automatic notification emails or SMS configured to inform about failures, working hours, need of maintenance, …

For crane hire companies, it is available a special program “SAFE COLLECTION”: each month the customer must introduce a new code provided after the payment has been done, on the contrary the equipment will eventually get blocked (3 days with reduced movement speed before the final stop whenever a safe place is reached). “SAFE COLLECTION” mode will send a notification to the renter and the customer 24h before getting activated in order to get a new monthly code obtained after having done the due payment.


Patrol 4.0 system can be installed in every single crane with minor adjustments. The client can choose which functions are activated in the system.


Anticollision Spain is a young start-up, founded by the end of 2018, commercializing Patrol 4.0 a built-in system for tower cranes, its sole product by now.


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